Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Garden Media Group to Preview 2020 Trends at Cultivate’19

This month, garden industry insiders will gather at Cultivate’19, AmericanHort’s annual conference in Columbus. 
Katie Dubow will be there to explore what the future holds.
Katie will preview the firm’s 2020 Garden Trends Report, Seeing 2020, offering a peek into what will be trending in horticulture in 2020 and beyond.
For years we’ve identified shifts in habits and growth that effect both consumer and professional horticulture. From the way we design our cities to the people who work in them, the green industry will be at the forefront of urban growth and development in 2020.
During the last century, technology and data have advanced, revolutionizing many industries, including gardening. This year’s trend, “Roaring into the Twenties,” compares where we were 100 years ago to today. The firm looks at how a new decade ushers in sustainable ways to live, socialize and garden.
As the world moves to a more urbanized focus, with some estimating that 70 percent of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050, Central Recreational Districts are on the rise as people search for new and more effective green infrastructure opportunities. 
The 2020 Trends also emphasize the role sustainability will play in consumerism and the green industry, from regenerative gardening to a shift to a circular economy. According to Accenture, a circular economy could generate $4.5 trillion in new output by 2030.
On Saturday, July 13, Katie will also moderate a workshop, Creating a Modern Garden Center
AmericanHort has brought together a diverse panel of creative and ambitious leaders in the garden retail industry to share tips to be inspired by and spark innovation when it comes to creating the modern garden center.
Cultivate’19 takes place Saturday, July 13 through Tuesday, July 16 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, OH.
The 2020 report will be available in September 2019. Read Garden Media’s GROW! blog for trend updates and industry news.


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