Friday, March 03, 2017

Garden Media RevampsTrends YouTube Series for 2017

Video is the future of news consumption, and we're is streaming our way into 2017 and beyond by reviving our  YouTube video series  to deep dive into the top lawn and garden trends for 2017, offering tips for consumers to incorporate each trend into their everyday lives. 
The future of the way we consume news is video based, and we’re excited to continue providing our fans the trends in this format and help teach them how they can grow 365 days-a-year in a modern way.
A new trends video will post the first week of every month on Garden Media’s YouTube channel and social outlets with #LightsCameraGarden and #GardenTrends. The 2017 series premiered this week and looks into the Peak Season trend. It also outlines how beginners can start their own hydroponic garden.
In addition to the videos, Garden Media incorporates the 2017 trends into its #TrendingThursday Grow! Blog series.  Each #TrendingThursday post expands on the month’s video and offers an in-depth look into the trend.

For more information about the 2017 garden trends, subscribe to Garden Media Group’s YouTube channel or visit And check our latest video out here! 


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