Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Seven Romantic Flowers That Are Surprisingly Not Roses

Roses are not the only romantic flowers out there

Are you tired of always giving your sweetheart roses? Roses are beautiful and glamorous, but are over used. You know the rose is not the only romantic flower?

Here is a list of some beautiful and romantic flowers other than roses. Go through them, choose one that best suits you, give it a chance and watch as it lights up to the eyes of your loved one with surprise, delight, and joy!

Read on to see Romantic Flowers That Are Not Roses

1.    Tulips
2.    Carnation
3.    Orchid
4.    Lily
5.    Sunflower
6.    daisy
7.    Iris

Tulips represent the perfect kind of love

While speaking the language of flowers, it is important to note that the red color of tulips represents the perfect kind of love. This is different from roses where the many colors come with different messages. Unlike most flowers, the tulip continues to grow in water even after they are cut. Other flowers just stay alive without ever growing, interesting right?

The Tulip is ranked 11th in the list of the best wedding anniversary flowers. It has a stigma which is in the shape of a lover’s heart and it is located at the center of the Tulip.

The ‘flowers of the gods’

Whether it’s decorating the dining table or creating one of the best pole saws, it is clear that carnations are quite versatile. The Greeks made ornaments such as garlands from carnations. The Latin named the flower Dianthus which means the ‘flower of the gods.’ More historical records show that they were also used to add flavor to wine and beer.

They are popular among young lovers because they represent the fascination and also go on to create a sense of mystery. They also come in different colors with each color conveying a different message.

Orchids are sure to please your loved one!
It’s interesting to know that there are over twenty-five thousand varieties of orchids. They appear in different colors and forms but all serve the same purpose, they please loved ones! From corsages pinned to prom dresses to exotic specimens in greenhouses, orchids are the most glamorous flowering plants in the world, but few know just how easy orchids are to grow and how affordable they’ve become.

Look for your favorite variety from Costa Farms and learn how to make your orchid last for months.

Lilies help in cementing a strong love connection

How else would you show your special someone how you feel if not through lilies? A beautiful bouquet of these flowers goes a long way in cementing your strong connection.

There are quite a number of lilies to give to your sweetheart, for example, calla lilies. Although these flowers are not true lilies, they still carry the message of love and show magnificent beauty.

Sunflowers represent loyalty and joy

Remind your sweetheart about the joy of summer with a cheerfully organized sunflower bouquet. In the flower language, sunflowers represent loyalty. Most people tend to think that they are too large to fit in a bouquet, false! In reality, there are smaller species of sunflowers that fit perfectly in cut arrangements.

They show loyalty, love, purity and innocence

The daisy represents loyalty, love, innocence, and purity. The most common daisy is the white-petaled variety which mostly has a yellow center. The disc of the daisy flowers normally has other smaller flowers. Therefore, when you give even one daisy, it’s similar to giving a whole bouquet and more!

Even though it is a native United States flower, the Russians came to love it (Camomile, a member of the daisy family) too much that they made it their countries national flower.

The petals of the iris flower show wisdom, valor, and faith

Iris flowers are common during the spring as they help in spreading the message of hope. The three petals represent different emotions and feelings. These include wisdom, valor, and faith. They are commonly used in paintings as they have the magical power of attracting people.

Having looked at the above flowers, you now have a variety to pick from when it comes to that special occasion or when you want to make your loved one happy.

Why do you think people still insist on the rose as the flower of romance?

Hi there! I’m Lucy - founder of and I’m a self-confessed garden fanatic. Gardening has always been a passion of mine and will always be my favorite pastime. Now that I am married and have one adorable son, I have the time to write and share my personal experiences with other garden enthusiasts like me.


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