Thursday, May 26, 2016

We're helping to Bring Fingertip Farming to Every Home in North America

It's not every day that we get an opportunity to introduce a new product that we think will be a game changer for the industry, which is why we're excited to partner with OPCOM Link USA to  introduce a new line of next generation, smart indoor gardening solutions. 
OPCOM Farm, the suite of next generation hydroponic farming systems, merges the ancient skill of farming with new, sensor based, one-touch technology. New products such as the GrowBox, GrowWall, Cell and Cube will allow every home in North America to have access to fresh, healthy food grown in a stylish indoor gardening system controlled from your smart phone or tablet. 

“Our Farms are the smartest and easiest way to grow fresh food indoors.  These systems allow people the choice to be as involved or hands-free as they want when growing and caring for organic food right in their own homes,” says Eldon Su, General Manager of Southern California- based OPCOM Link USA. “They also make attractive displays at home or in your office lobby.”

Each OPCOM Farm has a smart operating system that knows exactly what plants need - water, light, temperature, humidity, nutrients and carbon dioxide – and when they need it. Built-in LED lights operating at different wavelengths adjust to the plants’ stage of life from seed to harvest, while necessary nutrients are automatically delivered at the right time based on what’s growing.  

OPCOM Farms use 90 percemt less water than traditional outdoor farms and gardens, making it a very attractive solution in areas where water is limited.

We truly think these Farms validate our vision and make growing edibles year-round simple and affordable for anyone, green thumbs not required!

For more information, visit the OPCOM website


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