Friday, January 09, 2015

Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day with these 5 tips from Costa Farms!

Celebrate Houseplant Appreciation Day with Costa Farms on January 10th by recognizing all of the amazing benefits houseplants provide. They’re decorative, boost well-being and purify indoor air.

“Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to show your houseplants a little TLC,” says Justin Hancock, garden expert at Costa Farms. “Thank a plant today for bringing beauty into your home and office, making you feel good and naturally cleansing the very air you breathe inside.”

Here are 5 simple tips to celebrate the day:
1. Recognize Green Heroes
Many houseplants clean the air every minute of the day. They absorb up to 87 percent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that hide in ordinary household products such as paints, carpets and ink. Studies from the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) have found that levels of indoor air pollution can be two to five times higher — and in some cases 10 times more polluted than outdoor air. Some of the best houseplants to absorb indoor toxins include peace lilies, orchids and ferns.

2. Decorate Your Home or Office
A houseplant instantly transforms any room. Care for the same plants every month or mix it up for special occasions such as anthuriums for Valentine’s Day, orchids for Mother’s Day or Devil’s Backbone for Halloween. Change up your pots to match the season or holiday.

Houseplants give new life to a room when placed in colorful pots and made into a focal point. Make an impact by topping a table with a vintage tablecloth and houseplant. The bright green leaves of an indoor plant make a gorgeous complement to white walls or boring offices. Plants can also add height and texture.

3. Connect with nature
Bridge the gap between indoors and outdoors with a houseplant. According to the EPA, most people spend 90 percent of their time indoors; a houseplant is the perfect way to be reminded of the beauty the world has to offer.

4. Find the right houseplant
Some houseplants, like those from Costa Farms’ Plants of Steel collection, are very easy to care for. Just add water, light and nutrients from time to time to show these houseplants some love. Check the plant tag or visit for information about how much light a plant needs. A houseplant lets you know the spot is right by maintaining healthy leaves.

5. Start a Water Schedule
If you don’t have a schedule for watering houseplants, today’s the day to start one! If the soil is dry about an inch below the surface, add water. If the plant does not seem too dry, check it again in a few days. Be sure not to overwater: It’s the number one reason houseplants die.

To find the best houseplant for your home or office and how to care for it, visit

About Costa Farms
Costa Farms is the largest producer of indoor house plants in the world. Founded in 1961 by Jose Costa, Costa Farms is a third-generation, family-owned business that globally stretches over 4,200 acres and employs approximately 3,400 people. Along with thriving indoor houseplant, annual, and perennial plant divisions, Costa Farms operates merchandising and transportation companies as part of its infrastructure, with operations domestically in Florida, North Carolina, and South Carolina, and abroad in the Dominican Republic and Far East.


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