Friday, August 29, 2014

Make the Most of Labor Day with Gardening Tips from Garden Media

Labor Day marks the end of summer and time to prepare the yard and garden for Old Man Winter.

“Spending time outside in your garden this Labor Day weekend while the weather is nice is the perfect time to get a jumpstart on spring,” says Suzi McCoy, president of Garden Media Group, a public relations and marketing firm specializing in the garden industry.

Put gardens on the fast track to success this fall with these Labor Day gardening projects from Garden Media Group:

Plan Which Flower Bulbs to Plant This Fall
One of the most relaxing Labor Day activities is walking around the garden and planning what flower bulbs to plant this fall.  From tulips and daffodils to allium and crocus, bulbs from Longfield Gardens are an easy and economical way to guarantee flowers and give gardens a pop of color this coming spring. For a fool-proof way to jumpstart gardens, research the best bulbs and when to plant them by referencing this map.

Stop Stink Bugs with RESCUE!® Stink Bug Traps
Labor Day is the time to put up guards against unwanted fall pests. Put up the RESCUE!® Stink Bug trap on Labor Day weekend to catch stink bugs before they reach the house. It’s important to break the lifecycle now so they don’t hibernate in the attic over winter and attack gardens in spring.  Stock up on RESCUE!® Stink Bug traps at The Home Depot, Walmart and select garden centers.

Plant Blueberries Now
Got a spot in the flower bed where a shrub is needed? Now is a great time to plant a BrazelBerries® edible blueberry shrub.  BrazelBerries® thrive in patio pots and directly in the garden.  Home gardeners and cooks agree these small edible fruit shrubs are both beautiful and delicious. Plant one this Labor Day and reap the benefits next spring.

Give a Houseplant to College Students
As students head back to school after Labor Day, get them interested in gardening with a houseplant. Indoor plants spark a smile and friendly conversation while scrubbing the air clean. Easy-to-grow “O2 for You” houseplants from Costa Farms are a low-maintenance gift with loads of benefits.  Snake plants, ZZ plants, ponytail palms, peace lilies and Chinese evergreens brighten otherwise bland dorm rooms.

“If you get in some gardening chores over the long Labor Day weekend you’ll be able to enjoy spring a little easier next year,” McCoy says.

Garden Media specializes in home and garden, horticulture, outdoor living, lawn and landscape industries, offering innovative PR campaigns designed to secure top media placements and partnerships.


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