Thursday, July 17, 2014

Sun Parasol Mandevillas from Suntory Flowers Stun in Any Summer Setting

Suntory Flowers’ Sun Parasol mandevillas, the tropical vines with trumpet-shaped flowers, are easy to grow and ideal for a unique look. These bold flowers add high impact color to containers, patios and landscapes. Plus, the tubular flowers are also known to attract hummingbirds to the garden.

Though these natural climbers are usually found growing along trellises, there are many other ways to incorporate Sun Parasol mandevillas into outdoor living spaces. Available in original, giant and pretty sizes, these vines can grow to be 10 to 15 feet long.

“Sun Parasol is a great choice for creating that wow look this summer,” says T. Jay Higgins from Big Bad Flower. “These mandevillas allow you to add a splash of color anywhere — on a table, in a hanging basket or around garden edges. Welcome guests to your home by planting Sun Parasol in unexpected places.”

Show-offs in the Landscape: Planted throughout the landscape, this quick-growing plant with trailing flowers adds height and attention-grabbing visual interest as it spreads with splashes of color. Use Sun Parasol Garden Crimson as a ground cover or allow to grow along a fence to add visual interest.
Container waterfall: Place mandevillas in a container and allow the vines to cascade down the sides of the pot. Look for a pot that is wide, but not too deep for maximum flower coverage.

Get creative: Sun Parasol madevillas look spectacular as its vines fall over the sides of a hanging basket. Take this look one step further by connecting your mandevillas by running wire between hooks and flowers and training the plant to join the next basket.

Make the ordinary extraordinary: Plant Sun Parasol mandevillas near porch railings to create a beautiful entryway. Encourage the plant to grow along the porch railing by connecting a trellis or tomato cage to the porch. Wrap 4 ft of chicken wire around your down spout to create a look that’s filled with color.

Repurpose: Suntory Sun Parasol mandevillas love structure. Repurpose an old wooden chair or jungle gym and watch these vines climb. Adding support for these climbers allows them to grow upwards and sideways.

Wall of color: Create a wall of pink with the Sun Parasol Pretty Deep Pink mandevilla pot and trellis that’s both easy and convenient. The vines can climb 12 to 15 feet forming pretty patterns of weaving vines and brilliant blooms that become a natural privacy screen.

Growing Needs: Use a well-drained soil, fertilize every two-three weeks, and make sure your Sun Parasol mandevilla receives at least six to eight hours of sunlight each day. Since these plants thrive in warmth (Hardiness Zones 10 & 11), sunshine, and light shade, and are frost intolerant, remember to bring indoors to “winter” them if you want to replant next spring. Indoors, keep them near bright, indirect lightning, temperatures above 50°F, and a bit on the dry side until spring- when you should increase watering and fertilize them to encourage another season of award- winning blooms.

Look for the Suntory® Sun Parasol Collection at local garden retailers or online at Big Bad Flower.

About Suntory Flowers: Since the groundbreaking introduction of Surfinia, the first vegetatively propagated petunias, to the world markets, Suntory has led the way in bringing innovative new varieties to market. These include Million Bells calibrachoas, Tapien and Temari verbenas, Summer Wave torenias and more recently Sun Parasol mandevillas and Senetti pericallis. From Suntory’s origins as a beverage company in Japan, the company’s goal is to create new products that enrich people’s lives. Suntory Flowers’ message for consumers is “Kantan, Kirei, Jobu,” which means “Easy to Grow, Gorgeous, Longevity” in Japanese. Suntory guarantees a plant’s garden performance and offers consumers the chance to enjoy beautiful plants. Enjoy Suntory’s “top-shelf” varieties.


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