Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Enhance Garden Style and Control Pests With New, Decorative OrnamenTrap

Decorate the garden and catch pesky flies and yellowjackets at the same time with the new, eco-friendly OrnamenTrap™.

The newest design from RESCUE!®, the leader in environmentally responsible insect control, is an attractive solution to control pests while enhancing garden layout. Disguising itself as a garden accessory, the OrnamenTrap™ does double duty as a yellowjacket or a fly trap.

The reusable OrnamenTrap™ is a non-toxic and is safe to use around children and pets. These traps are also made in the USA.

Bloggers at BlogHer, the largest conference for influential bloggers nationwide, were buzzing over this beautiful and affordable lawn ornament that keeps families safe from yellowjackets or flies.

“Yes, I need a trap that works," said Jennifer Medeiros of the blog, Makobi Scribe. “But I also want it to look good and complement my backyard style.”

Medeiros loves the way the filigree design mimics a weathered, cast copper look and complements any outdoor décor, from a patio to a balcony.

Beyond being merely decorative, the OrnamenTrap™ uses RESCUE!®’s water-soluble attractant for either yellowjackets or flies. Hang traps around the perimeter of the yard to draw the insects away from the party and guests will never be bothered.

“This reusable trap adds beauty to any modern or traditional garden, while shielding homeowners from buzzing or stinging insects,” explained Rod Schneidmiller, president and founder of Sterling International, makers of RESCUE!® products.

The traps come with a choice of yellowjacket or fly inserts, each lasting two weeks. Both are available in hardware stores and select garden centers and retail for $13.49. Refill inserts retail for $6.49.

With cutting edge technology and patented advanced natural pest attractants, RESCUE!® has been making pest control smarter for years. Now, with the new OrnamenTrap™, RESCUE!® also makes pest control decorative.

Established in 1982, Sterling International, Inc. offers RESCUE!® traps and attractants for stink bugs, wasps, hornets, yellowjackets, flies, Japanese and Oriental beetles and more. These products are prominently on shelves at home improvement centers, hardware stores and lawn & garden retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada. For more information and great tips, visit http://www.rescue.com. You can also follow RESCUE! ® on Facebook and Twitter.


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