Tuesday, June 03, 2014

RESCUE!®’s New OrnamenTrap™ Makes Pest Control Attractive

Homeowners can now decorate their gardens and catch pesky flies and yellowjackets at the same time. RESCUE!®, the leader in environmentally responsible household insect control, recently unveiled a new trap with an ornamental design, named the OrnamenTrap™.

The eco-friendly OrnamenTrap™ appears to be just another garden accessory, but it actually catches the yellowjackets and flies. This newest trap from RESCUE!® is the solution for homeowners who want to control pests around an outdoor living area and desire a device that is attractive around the garden and isn’t recognizable as a trap.

The filigree design and metallic plastic are crafted to resemble weathered, cast copper, complementing all backyard styles and patio decor. 

 “The OrnamenTrap™ combines the appeal of being a non-toxic pest control solution and an American-made product with the element of beautiful outdoor décor,” explained Rod Schneidmiller, president and founder of Sterling International, makers of RESCUE!® products.  “This reusable trap is the perfect addition to add beauty to any modern or traditional garden, while shielding homeowners from buzzing insects.”

Design-centric bloggers agreed! The OrnamenTrap™ was a favorite at BlogHer’13, the largest conference for influential bloggers nationwide. The new trap had bloggers buzzing over the concept of a beautiful, affordable and reusable lawn ornament that also keeps families safe from stinging yellowjackets or annoying flies.

The two traps, one for yellowjackets and the other for common nuisance and filth flies, use the same effective formulas as the RESCUE! ® Disposable Yellowjacket Trap and the RESCUE!® Fly Trap.

The trap comes complete with RESCUE!®’s proven water-soluble attractant. Simply add water to activate it. Instead of using harmful killing agents, insects are lured into the trap, where they drown.

The traps come with a choice of yellowjacket or fly inserts, each lasting two weeks.  Both will be available in hardware stores and select garden centers in spring of 2014 and will retail for $13.49. Refill inserts will retail for $6.49.

With cutting edge technology and patented advanced natural insect attractants, RESCUE!® has been making pest control smarter for years. Now, with their new OrnamenTrap™, RESCUE!® is also making pest control decorative.


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