Monday, May 26, 2014

Hanging Flower Baskets from The Suntory® Collection Make Everyday a Celebration

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to dress up your outdoor porch, patio or deck with beautiful blooms. Flowering annuals offer limitless color and are easy to find at any local garden center.

According to Chris Spanton, gardening expert from the UK, the biggest trend in gardening today is simple elegance. He suggests picking one flower color and sticking to it. “Choose flowers like those from the Suntory Collection that provide non-stop blooms that can be enjoyed from spring through summer.”

To instantly transform any outdoor space, Spanton suggests trying these top garden flowers:

Brighten Any Patio with Million Bells® Trailing Calibrachoa 
More versatile and dainty than petunias, Million Bells® Trailing Calibrachoa has become the new classic in the gardening world. And it’s no wonder − Million Bells® are easy to maintain and extremely heat tolerant. Available in an array of colors, finding just the right shade of pink, blue or red is never a problem. Enjoy months of colorful blooms that spread up to 48” and 24” in length.

Paint A Porch in a Kaleidoscope of Color with Surfinia® Trailing Petunias
Enjoy picture-perfect petunias all the way through fall with Surfinia® Trailing Petunias. Noted for their exceptional rain tolerance and resistance to disease, Surfinia® Trailing Petunias have worked hard to earn their status as the petunia of choice in Europe. An especially fast grower (up to 4′ per season) Surfinia® Trailing Petunias thrive in full sun or partial shade. Purple Majesty, Heavenly Blue and Brilliant Pink are a few of the lively shades that give hanging baskets a pop of big blooms all season long.

Celebrate Summer with Vibrant Temari® Trailing Verbena
Although it may look tender with its delicate blooms, Temari® Trailing Verbena isn’t intimidated one bit by the summer sun. In fact, when most verbenas begin to lose steam when the weather starts heating up, Temari® is just getting started. Plus, powdery mildew doesn’t stand a chance with Temari’s hardy nature. Award-winning Deep Rich Blue, Candy Stripe, Cherry Red and Magenta are a few of the eye-catching colors. The 2-2.8” cluster bloom, 4-10” height and up to 48” spread make Temari® Trailing Verbenas an ideal choice for flowering hanging baskets.

Add a One-of-a-Kind Bloomer Like New Lofos Compact Lophospermum
This one-of-a-kind charmer will have the neighbors taking a second glance. One of the most unusual trailing vines with trumpet-shaped blooms on the market today, Lofos® Compact Lophospermum blooms early and continues throughout most of the year. Offered in classic colors such as Compact Rose and Compact White, Lofos® grows 1-2’ from top to bottom, prefers slightly dry soil conditions and constant feeding with a complete water-soluble fertilizer.

Look for the Suntory® Collection at local garden retailers or online at Big Bad Flower.


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