Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas for Green Thumbs

Searching for the perfect gift?  As the decorating trend expands outdoors, expect to see more gifts that will enhance decks and patios this year. Great gifts for gardeners won’t be in short supply this season, whether gift givers are looking for stylish products for the home or those made in the USA, home and garden retailers have something for every budget.

Below are some great gift ideas for the green (or brown) thumbed loved one in your life! Click Read More below to learn more about these gifts!

1.  NativeCast’s Cast Your Own Container Kit ($15-$35)

This holiday, give an “experience” with NativeCast’s DIY planter kits. This eco-concrete container is perfect for crafters, DIY lovers, party favors, crafty kids, and stocking stuffers.  The kit includes NativeCast’s custom eco-concrete mix, a mold, organic potting soil, and herb seeds.

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2.  BrazelBerries® Raspberry Shortcake™ Shrub and Jam Gift Set ($45)

The health conscious gardener will love this thornless dwarf raspberry plant with full-size berries. The compact shape means no big garden spaces required. It does great in containers so berry lovers can harvest delicious sweet berries right from the patio. Plus there are no thorns. The gift will be sent in two shipments; first a jar of raspberry jam will arrive at holiday time, followed by the actual plant at the right time for spring planting.

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3.  Costa Farms® Norfolk Island Pine ($9.99-$24.99)

Perfect for teachers, college students or apartment dwellers, Costa Farms’ Norfolk Island Pine is the living green gift that is both inexpensive and eco-chic. Take off the decorations after the holidays and enjoy year round as a houseplant. As an added bonus, it naturally filters the air and adds much needed moisture to a room, especially during the winter months.

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4.  The Green Cycler ($94.99-139.99)

Compost is the secret to keeping our soil and gardens healthy. The Green Cycler is a clean, odorless kitchen countertop solution that turns kitchen scraps into ‘black gold’ in a matter of days rather than weeks and months. This revolutionary new product is a clever gift for gardeners and great for those who compost food scraps year round.

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5. Amaryllis bulb kit, the perfect hostess gift ($16.95-$64.95)

Looking to make a splash at holiday parties?  Give a refreshingly unexpected hostess gift this season: Longfield Garden’s stunning amaryllis bulbs. Few bulbs are easier to grow than amaryllis and few bloom with greater color and beauty. Bulbs will bloom 4-8 weeks after planting and as the flower matures, will open wider to show off their striking coloration.

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