Friday, April 05, 2013

GMG's Friday Find: Celebrate National Garden Month!

For the past several years April has been crowned the National Garden Month.  That seems to make sense, doesn't it? Spring is finally here and the 'itch' to get out and dig and plant can be almost overwhelming if you've overwintered in a cooler climate.  Spring is the time to focus on the essential connection between people, plants and the environment and is an opportunity to discover simple ways to tap into the rhythm of nature.

There are so many ways to participate and celebrate National Garden Month, and here a just a few:

Organize or take part in a town beautification day.  Here at GMG we helped in the 'Garden Way', a local beautification effort to enhance one of the main entrances into town with over 70 other volunteers.  The result was a dazzling island of flowers that won first place in the Keep America Beautiful campaign!

Another idea is to get together with your neighbors and order mulch and compost in bulk quantities.  To find out how much may be needed, click here.

Take an inventory of all your gardening gear and donate the excess to a community gardening program or school garden.

Host a plant swap and share cuttings and seeds with family and friends adding sentimental value to the new plants you add to your garden.

Green up your street or local park by picking up trash.  Volunteer at your local school's garden or start a neighborhood garden club, sharing ideas, seeds and labor, and then share the bounty with friends and neighbors.  Deliver houseplants or flowers to a local nursing home or children's hospital.  And speaking of children, have fun doing a gardening project with them.  Gardening with children teaches many valuable
lessons, from ingenuity to cooperation and the value of fun labor that translates into productivity. Children that learned gardening from their parent or other adults take these lessons with them and pass them along.

There are many ways to be creative and helpful when it comes to celebrating National Garden Month. By participating in small or big ways, we reinforce our symbiotic relationship with nature by giving, growing and greening our places and spaces.  What will you do to celebrate National Garden Month?  We'd love to hear your ideas. 

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