Monday, April 01, 2013

Discover 2013 Public Relations Trends

public relations trends 2013 garden trends 2013Garden Media Group is the premier green gardening PR firm, and it's our job to spot the hottest upcoming trends while keeping our eye on this year's trends - both in PR and gardening.
Recently, I stumbled across a stellar infographic from Monaghan and InkHouse, which details the trends of the public relations world in 2013.

You know the drill: I'll layout the 2013 public relations trends in depth, and then, you can peruse the infographic yourself!


Reign of the Bloggers

Up until a few years ago traditional media sources: journalists, newspapers, and magazines had ALL the power - but not anymore.

In 2013 and beyond, our crystal ball is showing that bloggers are gaining more and more traction. In 2011, there were roughly 164 million blogs worldwide, with numbers still ticking upwards. All of these blogs have a very specific, niche audience, which is perfect for your specific, niche product.

Gaining the full attention of your target market is far more important than a second of attention from the masses. Blogs allow you to pinpoint and influence your direct consumer easily, and there are a plethora of well written and well-read blogs to choose from.


Death of the Press Conference

Press conferences simply don't make sense in 2013; these conferences are expensive, time-consuming, and irrelevant.

With social media and web tools it's easier than ever to talk to multiple audiences at once. In fact, your garden business has multiple choices of platforms that will work best for your particular business and market. When announcing big news, try engaging your audience via a Twitter Chat, or better yet, invite a Q & A session on Reddit like Obama did!


People Have the Power

Long ago, focus groups, customer surveys, and 800-number hotlines were the best ways to get customer feedback, but those days are long gone.

Today, your customers have the power with social media. If a customer has an insight or question about your product, you can be sure they'll be checking your Twitter feed or leaving a comment on your Facebook page. Social media allows brands and businesses to engage their customers in a myriad of ways including receiving feedback, which can be both glorious and terrifying for many businesses!

What public relations trends have you noticed thus far in 2013? Or, what do you see on the horizon for 2014? Let us know in the comments section!
As promised here's the full infographic, which outlines the full array of 2013 public relations trends

Don't Forget to Brush Up On Your 2013 Garden Trends, Too! The Trends Whitepaper Is Below!

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Snaps for TechCrunch for the innovative, crystal ball photo!


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