Friday, March 29, 2013

GMG's Friday Find: The Secret Ingredient for Perfect Soil

Mycorrhizae is not just hard to pronounce, it's also not a secret. It is a fungus that grows in association with the roots of a plant in a friendly, helpful manner, and this has been occurring for more than 400-million years!

These fungi are a vital component of soil's chemistry and helps to boost the development of the root system and its capacity to absorb water, nutrients and minerals.  Unfortunately, some activities like erosion, tillage, topsoil removal, and construction can deplete naturally occurring mycorrhizae.

What does this mean to the average gardener? Now you can enhance the roots of your plants and grow healthier, stronger plants by using the all-natural, beneficial MycoActive organisms (mycorrhizae) found in PRO-MIX®  consumer growing mixes.  Three new case studies have proven that with MycoActive you can achieve considerably more yield as seen in this chart:

The results are significant, and there are mixes for every gardener's need:  An Ultimate Potting Mix, an Ultimate Garden Mix, an Ultimate Organic Vegetable & Herb Mix, even a Cactus Mix.  Here's what you can expect to achieve when using these mixes:
  •  Increases water and nutrient uptake
  •  Increases resistance to drought
  •  Increases transplanting survival rate
  •  Increases plant and root system vigor
  •  Increases crop quality
  •  Increases quantity of flowers/fruits
  •  Increases crop yield
  •  Enhances growth significantly
Just take a look at the differences in these lettuce and cucumber plants -- amazing!
 Growing stronger, larger and more abundant plants and veggies is what gardeners want, and PRO-MIX®   with MycoActive delivers.
 We invite you to find a mix that suits your needs at your local independent garden center...and let us know what terrific results you experience.  Happy Gardening!

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