Friday, March 01, 2013

GMG's Friday Find: Water While You're Gone

The anticipated vacation is just around the corner, and you're ready to head to your destination without a care in the world.  The kids, the dog, the cat are all taken care of.   What are you forgetting?  Your plants!  Don't want your neighbor coming in and snooping around?  No worries.  Here are some self-watering pots that will keep your oxygen-replenishing friends happy until your return.

 The Ikea Jubel Self-Watering Plant Pot is functional and pretty. The inner pot turns to reveal three different colors, depending on your preference.  Add water through the colorful hole and a 100% cotton thread wicks it to the plant. A small container weighing only one pound will hold your herbs and smaller plants, keeping them happy and healthy for your return.

Heading away for a couple of weeks?  This Brookstone Self-Watering Planter holds good sized plants and is slim enough for windowsills and small spaces.  A water gauge indicates when the reservoir is empty and needs to be filled.  A specially formulated granular material, called Lechuza® PON separates your potting soil from its water reservoir, aerates the roots, provides your plant with nutrition and helps regulate adequate water supply. A variety of colors makes this planter versatile, as well as functional.

 Stack your plants in this tiered Self Watering Planter, water and walk away.  You simply cannot overwater as each tier features a combination self watering/drainage system.  This is a great planter for small space decks and patios and creates a tower of fresh flowers, herbs and veggies.

Don't let wilted, dried out and sometimes dead plants greet you when you return home from your wonderful vacation.  Come home to thriving plants that you love, and love you back with flowers, food and fresh, clean air.  What do you think of self-watering planters?  We'd love to hear your thoughts.


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