Wednesday, February 27, 2013

BrazelBerries™ Amelie Aust on The Wall Street Journal's 'Lunch Break Live'

Amelie Aust Brazelton, owner of Fall Creek Farm & Nursery and the BrazelBerries™ Collection, stopped by the Wall Street Journal yesterday to discuss trends in blueberry gardening on WSJ's 'Lunch Break Live'. See her discuss the growing trend of blueberries, tips to help you grow berries in your home garden and the many health benefits that blueberries provide.

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery® is the world’s leading wholesale blueberry nursery stock producer. From their state-of-the art growing facilities in Oregon, Fall Creek specializes in the propagation, production and global distribution of blueberry nursery stock. They work with the leading nursery stock growers and retailers to bring consumers the very best that blueberries offer.

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