Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Help Fund an Urban Garden, Get Some Free Undies

Ok, you don't usually hear gardening and underwear in the same sentence, except for maybe that time your friend said 'you wouldn't believe what happened last night'... anyway, PACT, a company that helps fund social projects by selling organic cotton basics, has recently launched their spring line for 2013 and has teamed up with Whole Kids Foundation and Indiegogo to help support their latest cause, helping fund and start 100 urban gardens for schools across America.

Through the crowdsourcing platform, Indiegogo, you can make donations until Feb. 28 to fund your local garden, another garden anywhere in the country, or both. Whole Kids Foundation, a Whole Foods Market® foundation, will provide additional support for each garden, like online garden planning tools and organic seeds to help build or expand each urban garden. 

Urban gardening is the practice of growing, harvesting, and distributing food within city communities and is becoming increasingly more necessary in this day and age. Having gardens in urban areas encourages children and adults alike to choose healthier foods than the more processed foods and snacks found in your local grocery aisle.

The goal for spring 2013 is to establish 100 urban gardens that offer access to healthy food and at the same time empowering adults and children in those communities to actively experience the process of growing food from seed to plate.

For more information, or just to get some trendy new underwear (which also help fund future 'PACTivist' causes) visit PACT

~ James
Garden Media Group

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