Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Green Project Round-Up ~ From Palm Trees to Tricycles

While browsing the web for ideas and stories weekly, I often come across innovative and oft times odd designs for new projects and concepts. It's always interesting to see what people come up with, what ideas form in their brain and what they make of it. Here's a round-up of a few things I've come across in the past week.

The AKTINA project designed by Greek architects, CityIndex, encourages the distribution of small-scale stand-alone power stations in the urban field. Aktina nurtures the idea of alternative mobility and the vision of productive furniture. These solar-powered hot spots provide a self sustained renewable energy point to recharge electric bicycles and mobile devices as well as serving free Wi-Fi.

We need to get some of these in my area, because who doesn't love free Wi-Fi?
Source: CityIndex and DesignBoom

The Palm Tree House
Developed as a house that awaits a palm tree in the patio 'to take over' with growth, this home leads a life of it's own. The home is pretty minimal and contains only the basics like a kitchen and bathroom as well as some other open spaces so that the palm tree will eventually be able to grow to full size within the home.

Source: Trend Hunter and DesignBoom

A Tricycle... House?
Bizarre as this might sound, a temporary house might be the answer for those who can’t afford their own land... well... in China. (We probably have laws for this sort of thing in the US.) PAO (Peoples Architecture Office) and PIDO (People's Industrial Design Office) have developed an accordion like single family unit that can be compressed to be smaller than the size of the average vehicle. It attaches to the back of a tricycle and includes a tricycle garden that provides a small "yard" when parked adjacent and allows you to plant vegetables, fruits, etc... in order to grow your own food.

Source: Tuvie and Urban Gardens

I happen to find these ideas quite different and refreshing from the usual fanfare I see. What's your opinion? would you live in a tricycle home? or allow a palm tree to grow inside your house? let us know!

~ James
Garden Media Group

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