Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Flowers and the Weeds, My Birds and Bees.

In an age where you no longer have to leave the comfort of your own home to set up a date or meet new people and individuals interact through text messaging or social media we as a society seem to be losing touch with real life relationships, romantic or not.

I find it refreshing when I see people trying to do something new and unique to meet and interact with other people. One new way I stumbled across, which seems to be becoming increasingly popular, is Weed Dating. It's probably not what you're thinking... It's like speed dating, but while weeding. A new concept for me, for sure. I don't like to weed at my own home, let alone make an outing out of it. But it piqued my interest.

If you're not familiar with the idea of speed dating, it simply goes like this - you take a bunch of singles and divide them up in to two groups and rotate through. Commonly you have about 2 minutes to get to know each person as fast as you can before the buzzer goes off and you move on to the next person. If you find someone you seem to be connecting with, you write their name down and if they wrote your name down too... well, aren't you lucky?

Weed dating is the same basic concept, except instead of sitting at tables, you weed. Obviously, this is for the more agriculturally inclined, a place for farmers and gardeners to meet up with other like-minded people to start a romantic relationship, a working one, or even just to make a new friend.

Greenhorns, a non-profit organization serving young farmers across America posted a video of their event in which they did some weed dating of their own.  View the video below to see how weed dating works. (If you don't see the video try refreshing your browser.)

What do you all think? Would this be something you would do? Have you actually done it before? let us know in the comments!

~ James
Garden Media Group


Unknown said...

What a great idea but I am not single.

But fantastic for anyone who is.

kmdubow said...

Love the play on words!! So cute!

Unknown said...

What an interesting concept for singles that aren't particularly comfortable with classic speed dating. I'll have to try this the next time I attempt to set up single friends that are into gardening.

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Anonymous said...

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parul sharma said...
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