Friday, December 07, 2012

GMG's Friday Find: 3 Green Holiday Gift Ideas!

Are you looking for some last minute gift ideas this holiday season? Here are some unusual gifts to consider for the gardener, cook and birder on your list.

When I first saw the Herb Savor Pods I thought what a great idea!  Cooking with fresh herbs just kicks up the flavor of any dish, while storing fresh herbs can be challenging.  Sticking them in a bag or glass of water doesn't seem to work in my frig where I often find them toppled over or gasping for breath in the crisper. Problem solved with the Herb Savor Pods that conveniently hold your herbs in place while the roots rest in water staying fresh for up to three weeks.  A set of 3 for only $29.95 is a great gift for the chef. Order your fresh herb plants now at The Growers Exchange.

For the gardener on your list check out these awesome Garden Wheels, brilliantly presented in an easy-to-use format, much like the color wheel artists use. Simply turn the dials and visualize plant combinations for your garden. And the back of the wheel offers additional information on plant care. Choose from wheels on annuals, perennials, herbs, vegetable, shade and even birds. Each wheel is weatherproof, made in the USA and only $9 (great stocking stuffer!).

Feeding birds is fun and Perky-Pet's new Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder is like a smorgasbord for your feathered friends. It holds 10 pounds of seed and with three tubes you can vary the seed to attract multiple varieties of birds to your feeder at once. The dome shaped baffle keeps squirrels away while protecting the seed from weather.  At $65, a wonderful gift that gives year round.

We hope you enjoy these gift ideas and would love to hear from you if you've found some other unique and unusual gifts....the hunt is on!!


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