Friday, November 16, 2012

GMG's Friday Find: Plant some soul music!

Music is an integral part of our lives, and has been since the dawn of man. Research suggests that music can be healing, soothing, uplifting and energizing.  Music taps into our inner consciousness. But what about plants and music? Most studies agree that plants also thrive on music. Here are two cool planters that we found that incorporate music into the growing process.

The Muse musical vase is a music box for plants. There are several colors with different tunes so you can choose one that sings to the song in your heart and one your plant will love to hear too. Easy to assemble, you just turn and enjoy the music, the movement and the emotions of caring for your sweet plants.

The Koishi Planter Pot is actually an instrument controlled by your plant. You place your plant on the Planter Pot and the activity within the plant is transformed into an audio-visual performance.  The music is unique and instantaneous, like a private concert your plant gives to you. Great for meditation, or simply enjoying as background music. Check out the video and listen to what this plant is playing.

KOISHI - interactive audio-visual planter pot concept from Koishi on Vimeo.

Our houseplants can provide us with not only the benefits of clean air, but also music and sounds for healthy living.  An interesting interaction we can all enjoy, plants included. 

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