Friday, November 09, 2012

GMG's Friday Find: Let Your Herbs Hang Down for Easy Pickins!

Who doesn't love cooking with fresh herbs, and who has the space in their kitchen for pots that take up much needed space.  Problem solved with the Boskke Sky Planter. A terrific invention that allows plants, including much loved herbs, to freely fall from an upside down container that hangs from the ceiling. How convenient to just reach up and grab a sprig of parsley or a snip of fennel.

Here's how the container works. You  remove the ready grown plant from its container and insert it into the Sky Planter. A locking disc and mesh holds the plant and soil in place which allows for hanging upside down.  The unique internal reservoir system releases water and nutrients as needed to the roots. And voila!  You now have lush, beautiful fresh herbs at your fingertips.

I love this idea!  And if you are wondering where you can get your herbs, check out The Growers Exchange.  They specialize in herbs including culinary, medical and aromatic.

The Sky Planter is not only functional and looks cool, you can now have all the benefits indoor plants provide right over your head. Check out this short how-to video and see if this wouldn't be a great gift idea for the chef in your house. It's definitely on my list! 

Boskke from Jean-Michel Dentand on Vimeo.

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Fight Wear said...

That’s just lovely. The one in the picture seems really beautiful, but in reality it might be a total mess sometimes. On the other hand I really appreciate your idea and I’ll let my friends know about this too.

Window cleaning London said...

Wonderful idea, growing herbs at home will help you to stay healthy and to take part in green future concept.

kmdubow said...

I thought it would be a mess, too! but, there is a cover that prevents soil or any other medium from falling out! Plus, herbs are so easy to grow they would probably survive with just a little soil!