Wednesday, November 07, 2012

5 Ways to Improve Food

A recent email from GOOD Magazine got my attention when it started off "Our current food system is broken. The planet provides more than enough food for everyone, yet nearly 1 billion of us go to bed hungry every night. "

Working in the lawn and garden industry, where I read daily about massive zucchini harvests or delicious recipes using fresh herbs, it was such a different message.

So, I wanted to help spread the word.  Oxfam America and GOOD Maker are challenging chefs, restaurateurs, farmers and food entrepreneurs of all kinds to create better food experiences using the GROW method. The GROW method has five simple principles:
  1. Waste less
  2. Shop seasonal
  3. Less meat and dairy
  4. Support farmers
  5. Cook smart
GOOD Magazine is challenging us to create a better experience.  Submit your idea by November 13 and the winning entry will receive $1,000 from Oxfam to turn that idea into a reality.


London Boutique Hotels said...

Those are pretty essential principles. I usually support famers market. I can get fresh vegetables and fruits for reasonable prices rather than buying the half ripe stuff in super markets.

kmdubow said...

Totally agree. Half ripe and who knows from what country!