Thursday, September 20, 2012

National Indoor Plant Week In Full Swing

Are you joining in the national effort for cleaner, fresher indoor air in our homes, schools and workplaces? National Indoor Plant Week (September 16-22) is in full swing with several companies giving out free plants and retailers showcasing some great displays with houseplants (see images). This grassroots initiative was created to raise awareness of the value and benefits of live indoor plants.  They're more than just a pretty face; they're our "green heroes"! 

During National Indoor Plant Week and throughout the month of September, look for indoor houseplants such as peace lilies, ferns, palms and spider plants with bright ‘O2 for You’ plant tags at local retailers.

So, go out and buy yourself some fresh air for yourself and your family!

To learn more about houseplants and their benefits, visit

Garden Media Group


Pergola Designs said...

All for indoor plants. I just think a lot of people are "lazy" to care for indoor plants since they need to be taken out from time to time. That and the fact that people seem to be so busy these days to care for real plants.

Unknown said...

People are busy these days and indoor plants can seem like a chore but there are some great indoor plants that are so easy care for that anyone can do it, take the Plants of Steel collection that require very little attention but give great benefits in return

kmdubow said...

Totally agree, Tracey! I water my plants once a week and then forget about them.