Thursday, July 12, 2012

Guest Blog The Bairds talk Simple Living

Today's Guest Blog Post focuses on the good life and living simply.  

"Living simply is still achieved in a fast paced world.  Let us introduce ourselves. We are Joey and Holly Baird from The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener and we are perfect examples of how to achieve that. 
Things like growing our own food, canning and preserving, and reusing what you already have is an idea that we embrace and do it well.  We start seeds in our mini greenhouse, and then grow a vegetable garden of about 2000 square feet to feed our family and store up for winter.

One way to live simply is to reuse and re-purpose.  It saves money and is fun! We find items on the side of the road that a lot of people have rendered useless.  

Check out this how to video on using milk crates for growing vegetables

Some other household and found items to re-purpose:
  • Use the bottom of a baby crib or an old dog cage as a trellis. 
  • Reuse soda and juice bottles to make mini greenhouses. 
Another way to live simply is to use the garden for therapy.  We spend time in the garden to weed and water to help clear our heads.  It is also great exercise.  Even just spending some time sitting and soaking in all the nature around you can be relaxing.  (This is scientifically proven, see here, here and here.)

Take time, slow down, take a walk through your garden and enjoy what nature has already provided.  Think about what you have and can reuse, or look around on junk day.  These are just a few ways we continue to live simply.  

You can find out more about Holly and Joey Baird on their website at: 

-Katie @KatieGMG


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