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Garden Marketing Executives Can Stay Ahead of the Curve with Outdoor Living Trends from ASLA

Design Elements most popluar
with ASLA residential customers.
Every year the American Society of Landscape Architects surveys its members who specialize in residential design and asks them to “rate the expected popularity of a variety of residential outdoor design elements”.

These popular trends are important to know for any garden marketing executive who wants to get ahead of the curve.

Not surprisingly, the category of gardens and landscape spaces was at the top of the list with a 96.6% rating it somewhat or very popular. It was followed closely by kitchen and entertainment outdoor livings spaces at 91.5 percent.

Surprisingly, across all categories grills rated higher – 97.4% than the demand for low maintenance landscapes which scored a close 96.6%, followed by fireplaces/fire pits - 95.8% and dining areas 95.7%. Which leads ASLA to conclude Americans want outdoor spaces for lots of entertaining that are not demanding on their time?

Tropical Escape Hibiscus from Costa Farms
turns a backyard into a paradise

This easy living at home in backyards for entertaining has been a trend since we first saw it emerging in 2001, and this love affair with the backyard shows no sign of slowing down. According to the 2012 Residential Landscape Architecture Trends survey, consumers still want kitchens and dining options, comfortable seating, and water features.

Lighting remains popular with a score of 93.1% “as Americans plan to take more of their lives outside once the sun sets.”
The economic recovery and bad real estate market continues to drive Americans to stay home and turn their yards into a paradise. The staycation is still alive and well. The survey showed that Americans still love their pools (79.2%), but love their spas a little more (80.4%). But other decorative water elements such as waterfalls or bubblers top even those scoring almost 90%.

The good news for gardening companies is that Americans are being more practical and sustainable in their gardening practices. Some 86.3% say their customers want native plants -- yeah! -- 85.4% drought-tolerant plants and 81.2 % are planting food/vegetable gardens. And more than half of them prefer to be organic 61.2%. There is hope.
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