Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fruits and Veggies Inspire Edible Packaging

"Could it soon be commonplace to eat your snack and then its package, too? Could an order of gazpacho arrive at your table in a tomato-like capsule? Could you stick a straw in a huge grape and sip wine," wikicells2wonders Annie White of Inside Grower.  

Annie has discovered the next big thing in food and gardening, edible packaging!

Wikicells creates a new way to package food and drinks using the rules and methods of nature—also known as biomimicry

Wikicells imitate natural packaging, such as grapes and oranges, by enclosing foodwikicells and liquids in an edible membrane comprised of natural food particles held together by nutritive ions. A hard shell generally protects the soft skin and is either entirely edible (like a grape skin) or biodegradable (like a coconut shell).

If you find yourself in Paris, you can taste some of the professor’s edible experiments and inventions at his storefront, Lab Store Paris.

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-Katie @KatieGMG
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