Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Of ships and artisanal cheese and chocolate

I love Brooklyn's funky, artsy, brownstones and neighborhoods, cool music and gardens. Now, add 'forerunners' in providing handcrafted artisanal food to their ample list of credits.

A recent piece in New York Magazine beautifully describes the resurgence of cottage industries in Brooklyn  where producing and selling food is seen as an old-world artisanal craft worthy of preserving.

File:Formaggi.JPGFrom two brothers who have started Mast Brothers Chocolate, makers of artisanal chocolate bars to "brewers bakers and beef jerky makers", crafting artisanal food and beverages, soaps and more is a back- to-the-future glimpse into life in a simpler age, where ingredients were easily identified and pride showed in craftsmanship.

Brooklyn's artisanal 'tribe' of entrepreneurs are loosely banded together, bartering, promoting each other, dare I say... helping each other to thrive.

So what so you think of the concept? Is artisanal food here to stay or will it be driven out by the giants in the food industry and too few people demanding such a niche market.

Only you, the consumer can decide the direction this trend will take.

Meanwhile, enjoy the Mast Brothers Chocolate video and the making of their artisanal chocolate bars.

Bon appetit!

Lynne, Garden Media Group
photo: Italian crafted cheese,Wikimedia Commons

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