Friday, June 22, 2012

GMG's Friday Find: Tulipomania - The Musical about Flower Power!

Today's Friday Find is definitely for those in or visiting the Philadelphia area. It is a show that I would love to see and have been hearing great things about. Who doesn't want to see a musical about real Flower Power...
Before we had the subprime mortgage crisis, Holland had the Tulip bulb bubble. Six strangers in an Amsterdam hash bar recall this seedy story of love, money, and power. From the writer and composer of Café Puttanesca and Baby Case comes a new musical that gets high off our financial lows.

The Critical Acclaim...

The show explores the - very - dark side of obsession and greed, including the pain it causes not just to family fortunes but to families. On the light side, it sure was fun to hear the cast singing lines like "Never underestimate the power of a flower!" Amen!
–Philadelphia Inquirer [Read More]

"Tulipomania has a wonderful cast that sings Michael Ogborn’s innovative score so beautifully. Make the trip to see this bloomingly good new musical.”
–DC Metro Theater Arts [Read More]

"A damned entertaining new musical…glorious and memorable”
–CultureMob [Read More]

"“Very smart and savvy theater people have put this production together. It boasts great music, a knowledgeable and experienced director, first-rate singers, and an A-list design team.”

"On the day of the musical’s first preview, Facebook shares sold for $32, and they were just below $29 by the time the orchestra began the overture on opening night. You’ll pay more for a ticket to Tulipomania, and you’ll get your money’s worth.”
–Broad Street Review [Read More]

Book, Music and Lyrics by MICHAEL OGBORN
On the F. Otto Haas Stage
May 24 - July 1, 2012

Run Time
95 minutes (no intermission)

For tickets, call 215.922.1122
Single Tickets 
Groups of 10+

Arden Theatre Company
40 N. 2nd St., Philadelphia, PA 19106
Recommended for 9th grade and older.

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