Friday, June 15, 2012

GMG's Friday Find: Plant up!

Today's Friday Find is perfect for anyone lacking the space they want to display all their plants. When you have no more horizontal space...go up! There is now The Flower Chain!

The flower chain is a 5 foot tall hanger for 6 commonly sized plant pots. Using the included s-hooks, a screw eye and swivel (allowing for 360˙ rotation), or some other type of hook, it hangs in a variety of locations, including the porch, balcony, patio, large window, kitchen, lobby, restaurant, or anywhere else. It is sewn together out of thick polypropylene strapping, and is very strong and durable.

It holds the pots in loops which are sized so pots will securely sit in, but not fall through them. There are 2 sizes with either 12 inch loops (accommodates 4.5 in round or 3.5 in square pots) or 14 inch loops (accommodates 5 in round or 4 in square pots). These are very standard sizes, and are readily available with a wide variety of plants growing in them at most nurseries and garden centers. 
Cost: $16

Here's how you use The Flower Chain!

You could really create some very unique visuals with unique plants! Have you used this product? Let me know! Post a picture.

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