Friday, April 27, 2012

GMG's Friday Find: Pillow Talk

Today's Friday Find takes the look of green grass and creates a whole new use for it...pillows! Now you can bring some of that natural beauty indoors...or keep it outside and dress up your deck furniture!

From their website...
Firmly Planted was created from an awareness that when you surround yourself with beauty, nature, style, and flow, it creates a balanced vibe within your body and soul. Or as we like to say, “It’s all about a feeling.”

With our unique turf-covered indoor/outdoor products, we are bringing the outside in and the inside out by connecting people with Mother Nature with all the comfort of the modern age. Whether it’s with a plush pillow or grassy styled numbers for your home or garden, Firmly Planted believes that you can create a bridge between the need to be in tune with the elements on a spiritual level and the need to be comfortable on the physical. Creating a balance between mind and body, Firmly Planted aims to close that gap and help people feel alive and whole, without having to sacrifice one need for another.
Firmly Planted believes there is no need to waste our precious resources and pollute our earth to achieve our goals. In fact, synthetic turf spares billions of gallons of water and millions of pounds of fertilizer and pesticide from being applied to the soil of natural grass fields every single year, while preventing hundreds of thousands of pounds of carbon from lawn equipment being spewed into the atmosphere. The crumb rubber on the back of the artificial turf will prevent loads upon loads of car tires from being rolled into a landfill. If we can protect our earth and bring people closer to it at the same time with style and finesse, then we can say we have achieved our own harmony and that our company lives up to it’s name and is as firmly planted as our customers.
And they do beautiful custom work...just ask for what you want!
I love this idea. Finally I can enjoy the look of grass without the maintenance!
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