Friday, March 09, 2012

GMG's Friday Find! - It's a POP-UP Garden!

Last week's Friday find was all about planning your garden and this week's find is how to set one up...Quickly! Practically right out of the package...just add soil (and your favorite veggie seeds!)

The Little Acre® Raised Bed Garden Bag makes it quick, easy and affordable to grow an organic garden of veggies, herbs, berries and flowers just about anywhere!

NO Tilling - No Digging - NO Soil Amending - NO Tools
Simply  1. Open it up
 2. Fill it with soil
3. Plant & Watch it Grow

Description from their website...
•Can be set-up just about anywhere - apartments, condos, small back yards, patios, roof tops, urban/suburban settings.
•Can be used again next year! Leave out or fold up and put in the garage.
•Sturdy construction and completely self-supporting once filled with soil - holds a rectangular shape well.
•Cute design, light color reflects sunlight delicate plants will not over-heat.
•Sizes: 3’ X 4’ X 12” ("Original") and NEW for 2012: 2' X 3' X 8" (The Little Acre "Junior")!
•All this for a Suggested Retail of just $49.95 for The Original and $39.95 for The Junior!

So now the excuse "I hate digging and tilling" is no longer allowed! Got any other excuses? Let me know what they are and I will try to find a product to help you over those hurdles!



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Easy Growin' Cindy said...

Thanks for the kind words, Karen! Love your call to action - Now Let's Get Growin'! No Excuses! Wow!