Friday, February 17, 2012

GMG's Friday Find - It's going to the dogs!

As some of you may know I am a huge fan of dogs! I own two (Godiva, a Chocolate Lab & Nigel, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.) Since the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show was this past week I thought it was a perfect time to highlight a cool garden product with a dog theme. These garden “sculptures” instantly perks up a yard or patio! (They are also great if you are allergic to the real thing!)

Labrador Retriever Topiary

From the description: No trimming needed...this already-formed animal topiary adds a distinctive touch in any garden. Comes pre-packed with planting moss...display it as-is or plant your favorite flowers in it.

You can enjoy the ancient art of shaped bushes or shrubs in your garden. This sturdy topiary adds elegance to your yard without the maintenance!

Mossy Labrador Topiary (picture shown above from, $299.00)

The before & after pictures below were found on
Their description: Standing guard on the porch or tiptoeing through the tulips, this life-size Labrador retriever topiary frame is just plain fun! Fill with sphagnum moss and cover with ivy or other vining plants (moss and plants are not included).  It is made of heavy gauge wire with a double-layer epoxy coatin. (Life-Size Labrador Retriever Topiary Frame $189.95)

I know I only showed labs...but they also have other breeds and they are soooo cute!

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Shaheen said...

Oh these are fabulous, I pine for a real dog - oneday, so this would be great in the garden. Will have to admire it for now though. thanks for sharing.