Thursday, November 10, 2011

Great Gate

GMG is spreading the word about the artistic skills of professional landscape designers.  Garden writer Marty Ross highlighted garden gates in a recent Kansas City Star feature.  When clients want a special look or custom fence and gate, APLD designers have the artistry and know-how. 

Debra Phillips,  a landscape designer and vice president of the Midwest region chapter of APLD is an expert in the story about garden gates.   I snapped these pictures at the APLD Conference in Cleveland (along with about 400 other photos! thank goodness for digital cameras!) 

“I love garden gates,” says Debra Phillips, a landscape designer in the Chicago area and vice president of the Midwest Regional chapter of the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. “Traditionally, we think of gates at the very entrance to a garden, but there are so many other opportunities. There doesn’t even have to be a fence.”

Great gates make me smile. If you want to see some fantastic ideas check out Walpole Woodworkers. Do you have a spectacular gate?  Tell me! :) Kathleen



wow that look cool im a pro landscape designer

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