Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stacy's Paper Trees

I'm lifting this right from Ellen Well's Green Profit Weekly Buzz. thought it was too cute not to post. Here it is . . .

Speaking of the holidays and crafting, our Euro trendspotter Stacy Sirk is spot on this week. This time around, she’s not just spotting the trends—she’s creating them herself!

Try your hand at “potted” paper trees for the holidays or any day, depending on what paper is used. “So easy to create,” says Stacy, “any size, any color. Use recycled paper, or do it in brown craft, white paper, green, or a complete mix. Can be made full size or smaller. Brilliant!”

Here’s the how-to:
• Secure a stick/dowel/broom handle in an appropriate pot (or decorative gift bag) with cement or plaster of Paris. For small trees up to 3 ft. fill the pot with aggregate to secure the stake for easier disassembly

• Fold the edges in on a length of paper, then fold in half, giving it a puffy look of a bough

• Tie or wire the paper along the “trunk” starting from the bottom
• When you get to the top, form a pointy or lilting tree top and attach, bending to shape.

Stacy, who’s creating a 6-ft. paper tree, suggests using old stocks of branded paper, craft paper or holiday wrapping—even cellophane or bubble wrap!

Garden centers can make them for display or for sale. You can make them just for fun! Send us pictures if you do.

Suzi, Garden Media Group


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