Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Social Networking Sites Just for Gardeners

Today, I thought I would share a great blog post from Sustainablog on social networking sites that are geared just toward us gardeners. The article lists a number of great social sites that are chock-full of information, show beautiful garden photos and give a wealth of ideas to use in your own gardens.

Just click on the link below and enjoy!


Jeff McIntire-Strasburg said...

Appreciate you republishing this post... I really liked this one, too!

Garden Media Group said...

Thanks, Jeff!

Leonardo said...

It's a good thing having social network sites for gardeners.

Unknown said...


I am actually building my own gardening social networking site and would love to get any feedback on it.

It should be up and running in the next month but you can see it at www.mygardenjuice.com - its free to join.

You can up your own gardening club, browse aound 5,000+ encyclopedia posts and growing guides, post your own gardening blog, share photos, start a discussion or help others with your gardening knowledge on the forum.....whatever you want to do - i should have it covered.

Just bear in mind that I am not a gardening expert - but I know a lot more about that than I do about building websites!