Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hot Tomatoes!

Yay!! We received our test samples of the new grafted SuperNaturals Mighty 'Mato tomatoes last week.

GardenLife sent us one 'Big Beef' (non-grafted) and one of the new grafted 'Big Beef ' Mighty 'Matoes. And I can't wait to "test" and see how they compare. Yum.

Some are available in two different varieties on one plant!

The above image shows a side-by-side of 'Big Beef ' on the left and Mighty 'Mato 'Big Beef ' on the right. Wow. And the image below is an example of red and yellow pear tomatoes from the same Mighty 'Mato plant.

Best of all, they're pest and disease resistant and have a greater tolerance to environmental stresses like excessive heat - (good news around our neck of the woods, lately!)

This year they were in limited supply and are sold online at GardenLife but check with them to see if they may still have some available through this week, only. No promises, but worth the look-see!

Currently, for all you lucky people living on the West Coast, you can find SuperNaturals Mighty 'Matoes at garden centers. Next year you'll find them at retailers nationwide and have the happy decision of heirloom or hybrid.

BTW, for those with small spaces, one plant is all you need. You'll get bigger, better and double the amount of tomatoes per plant!

I'm going to keep track of mine (and our other test plants) and post images from time-to-time throughout the summer...that is, if I don't eat all of them first! Maybe I should have a "tomato stand" in my front yard...hmm.


@SolakNC said...

Got my Mighty Matos trials this week too! Hardening them off in the shade, then have to find the 'perfect home' for them. Good luck with yours! ~Tom

Jenn's Cooking Garden! said...

Those look so neat! How cool to be able to trial them!

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Its look like a avocado