Monday, June 13, 2011

Wedding Bells for Katie and Ethan

Every woman dreams of two things: the day she marries and the day her daughter marries.

This Saturday my dream comes true as my daughter Katie marries the man of her dreams, Ethan Dubow. Being from the South, I had a certain traditional wedding dream in my head -- not just a big church wedding with a reception at "the club" --but engraved invitations, bride's maid's luncheons, sip and sees, and of course, lots of silver.

Instead I am discovering with great delight the art of doing it "my way" - or in my case, Katie and Ethan's way. And I could not be more delighted and impressed and -- the best part - stress free!

Let me just share a few of the details.

First, the wedding is not at my church or even in our hometown. It is in Vermont at a gorgeous 1902 Victorian mansion called The Wilburton Inn, with beautiful views of the Battenkill River Valley and surrounded by fascinating sculpture gardens. The inn and surrounding guest houses will accommodate almost all of the guests so it will be a weekend celebration. And mother nature is giving us a gift of an almost full moon and ideal weather -- sunny with temperatures 77/54. Perfect.

The invitations, as you can see, are original and very personal. After I saw them, I couldn't imagine her sending anything else. They are so "Katie"!

Thursday night we are gathering with the early birds for a chef's dinner. Chef Didier is French and taught at a culinary institute, which one I can't remember. We've done this once before, and I could just eat fabulous food, drink great wine and listen to him talk for hours. Ooh la la!

There is so much to do in Manchester, VT. Thursday, Friday and Saturday Fred is organizing golf, or you can canoe, or watch an antique auto road race or play lawn games. Katie and I are going to yoga, having our nails done and getting a massage. What a wedding plan!

Friday night Ethan's parents, Barbara and David Dubow, are hosting a pig roast with local fare, Barbara's baked beans and the Watson Girls' Famous Dip to accompany the potato chip bar! Then we'll head to the Giant Golden Pharaoh Sculpture Garden for a bonfire, gourmet smores and a little toasting of the bride and groom.

The wedding celebration will take place on the lawn with her favorite people in attendance to launch them into their new life together. Four of he closest friends, including her maid of honor, Leslie Rosenberg, (in sunglasses) are her bride's maids. She has several other friends, including her cousin Elizabeth who just got married and graduated from med school, my friend Nancy and our Danish daughter, Anne, are reading. Her oldest and dearest friend, Ryan Stanton, is marrying them - with the help of the men and women at the wedding!

Then we'll eat, drink and be 'married' until the wee hours.

Bravo to Katie and Ethan for all the hard work and planning. I can take little to no credit for this wonderful affair. It is truly their day.

So by this time next week my daughter's dream, and mine, will have come true. May they have many, many years of unbridled love, unconditional commitment, deep peace and lots of laughter!

Suzi, the MOB


Mr. Pinochle said...

This place looks AWESOME!!!! Can I come?!?!?!!??!

Pam at said...

I am literally sniffling and tearing up at Whole Foods as I am reading this post! Congratulations to the two of you! As a mom of two little girls, I can only imagine the feelings you both are going through at this time. All the love in the world to all of you! xo

Anonymous said...

It truly is a dream come true! But, its not true that you didnt have anything to do with it- your support, creativity and passion for throwing parties has helped me every step of the way! (Oh and your money, too!) We love you and cant wait to continue the celebrating!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the well wishes! We all are so excited.

Anonymous said...

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