Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Gotta' love the Farmers Market!

Yay! Our local Farmers Market is open on Fridays with tables brimming with local fresh produce, plants and hard-to-find specialty foods.

This past Friday, the farmers and merchants had just set up and I couldn't wait to scarf up the tubs of creamy savory goat cheese, herbal honey and buy a huge bunch of leaf lettuce.

Ah... so many choices, so little time.

One farmer had cherries. That's all. A table buried in rich, dark, sweet cherries that were just harvested.

Unfortunately, I recently bought a pound at a store, but these beauties looked so much nicer. He's getting ready to harvest peaches in a few weeks. Worth the wait.

More people arrived who began the ritual of picking up and inspecting, pinching and thumping fruit and produce piled on the tables, and chatting with like-minded souls who love these marketplaces.

I grabbed some zucchini and made a mental note to buy kale and rhubarb, next visit.

As we meandered through the market, we saw a table with info and cool t-shirts touting 'Buy Fresh, Buy Local.' Indeed!

I was tempted to buy the dill, basil and sage plants (now regret I didn't) and some fresh, organic eggs from the local Amish folks. But there's always another Friday, and this time, I'm bringing along an extra sturdy, very large canvas bag!

If your town has a Farmers Market, it's definitely worth a visit. Let us know what great buys you discovered and send us your photos. Love to see!


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