Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Ah, Spring. My favorite season. Allergies aside, I'm always astonished with the rites of Spring.

For those of you who also count Spring as your favorite season,the sheer delight of a clear blue sky framing pink and white azaleas against flowers like gems draped in your landscape dripping with color, leaves a lasting impression. A time for renewal and discovery.

Frankly, I love discovery. A new plant, an unusual container, or garden art draw me like a moth to a light.

Maybe it's the right brain thing but I love the architectural form and sheer voluptuous volume of colorful ornamental shrubs. Take the new pink blueberry- Vaccinium 'Pink Lemonade'- from Briggs Plant Propagators, for instance. Wow.

Talk about a breakthrough plant! This beauty is a vigorous grower, shows off four seasons of color, grows about 5' X 5' and bears bright pink clusters of plump and juicy, sweet blueberries rich in anti-oxidants, from mid to late season. Berry heaven. Yay!

Pick em' and top them on cakes, make a pink blueberry pie, pink blueberry jam, or like me, unabashedly stuff them into thy mouth as you savor every morsel.

If you dare, leave a few behind for your feathered friends and enjoy the changing season as this beauty reveals orangey leaves in fall and reddish-brown twigs in winter that add color and charm to any garden.

Look for 'Pink Lemonade' at your garden center and wait patiently grasshopper for a season to bedazzle your garden awash in pink blueberries. You won't be disappointed!

Photos credit: Northcreek Nursery and Briggs Plant Propagators

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