Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Take Your Kids to Work Day at Martha Stewart

This Thursday I'll be taking my daughter, Morgan, to the offices of Martha Stewart Living in NYC for their annual Take Your Kids to Work Day.

Now you're probably wondering how this invite fell in my lap since I don't even work at MSL. Well, I really need to thank my client, Costa Farms. They're providing 60 of their beautiful mini-orchids for the gardening activity that day. Kids will re-pot these mini-orchids (pictured here) and then decorate the container with fun stuff like stickers and paint. Plus, they'll learn all about the history of orchids as well as how to care for them from deputy garden editor, Tony Bielaczyc. While Morgan's there, she'll also get to make homemade granola, create her own How-to book and take a tour of the MSL offices.

We're both so excited to take some time off to spend with the generous folks at Martha Stewart Living and maybe do a little sight-seeing!


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Jenn's Cooking Garden! said...

How Fun! I love Costa Farms and Martha Stewart! Enjoy!