Monday, March 07, 2011

Suzi Invited to Speak at Prestigious Seeley Conference

For years I have heard about the Seeley Conference, the annual "think tank" held at Cornell University. The conference attracts the cream of the crop, industry's movers and shakers, the top growers, wholesalers and retailers across the nation.

So when I got a call last week from Drew Gruenburg. the COO of the Society of American Florists, inviting me to speak, I didn't hesitate to say, "Yes! I would be honored to participate!"

The Seeley Conference was started in 1986 in honor of Dr. John G. Seeley after his retirement from Cornell University. Each year they choose a topic important to the future of floriculture that will help attendees make decisions on issues that impact their businesses and the industry as a whole.

This year's conference is titled "Floriculture's Biggest Challenge: Creating Mindshare Opportunities." Drew asked me to share our thoughts, tips and secrets on how to generate more "mindshare" with social media.

According to Drew, our name came up because Garden Media Group is "using social media to generate visibility for our clients and creating 'mindshare' for flowers and plants." WOW! Was I flattered.

I will be participating in a panel discussion with some folks from Bachman's Inc. in Minneapolis and Tagawa Gardens in Centennial, Colorado.

This year's conference is set for June 27 - 29 on the campus of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. See you there.

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