Thursday, February 24, 2011

What Are Under-40s Really Thinking About Gardening?

As a member of the Garden Writers Association , we're fortunate enough to have the latest research on gardening trends at our fingertips. I thought I would share some interesting news from a recent 2010 survey that only looked at just one age group; the under-40s and how they find their gardening information. The results may surprise you!

Books, newspapers, magazines and television are the
information sources for under-40s before turning to websites or blogs - by Anne Marie Van Nest

Besides using books to find more information, under-40s use newspapers and magazines (55%) and television (47%) in a surprising lead over gardening websites or blogs (44%). Radio (15%), YouTube (13%), online audio and podcasts (12%), and Facebook (10%) all claim just a small percentage of under-40s as a destination for gardening answers. Twitter has yet to gather many fans (3%).

Besides talking to friends, the youngest group, the 18-24s, turn to books and then online sources for their gardening answers. This group stands out as having a slightly higher affinity for using books, gardening websites or blogs, YouTube, and online audio than the next older group. The younger group is also less likely to find information using garden centers, nurseries or classes, magazines and newspapers, television and radio.

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