Wednesday, February 09, 2011

To swap- or not to swap?

What do you think of seed swaps? Good, bad or 'meh'?
Swapping your extra heirloom tomato seeds for someone's surplus white eggplant seeds is gaining in popularity.
As the National Gardening Association says..."One gardener's extras are another's treasures."

There are plenty of online community seed trading sites that are free to join like Seed Swaps and even offer hard-to-find seeds at a reasonable cost.

Plus, most seed swapping "events" are a great way to meet fellow gardeners, swap garden stories and recipes, and have fun!

So, let us know about your seed swapping experiences! And does the idea of joining a seed exchange group that helps preserve rare plants through saving and exchanging (rather than storing) - intrigue you? We welcome your thoughts!
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