Thursday, February 10, 2011

Let's Set a Date!

We are having some seriously cold days here in Pennsylvania. But I don't let the cold weather get me down!

Now is a great time to dream and plan your garden. Look through magazines and check out garden websites for ideas and inspiration.

One of my favorite blogs is Carolyn's Shade Gardens.

Located in Bryn Mawr, PA - Carolyn's Shade Gardens has some very special plants. If you fall in the category of "Plant Collector" or just love unique plants you should get to know Carolyn.

I will be attending her first open house -- a Hellebore Extravaganza - on March 26. I will be sure to take pictures and video - if I can stop myself from trying to buy everything. Can't make the sale? She takes appointments too - so why not plan to visit Longwood, Chanticleer and Carolyn's Shade Gardens on the same jaunt to Philly! Do you love hellebores as much as I do? Leave me a comment with your favorites!

Kathleen @ GMG


Jim Rhodes said...

You want me to check this blog? That's fair. But you should check this page first. Okay?

Anonymous said...

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