Wednesday, February 16, 2011

SuperNaturals Mighty 'Mato are out of this world!

There's just something special about homegrown hybrid and heirloom tomatoes.

It seems like every year dozens of new tomatoes are introduced, but this one is a first!

SuperNaturals Mighty 'Mato is a new line of hybrid and heirloom tomato plants grafted onto extremely vigorous rootstock that produce two to three times as many tomatoes per plant!

Wow. They even come in two different varieties on one plant! They're pest and disease resistant and have greater tolerance to environmental stresses like poor soils, drought and extreme temperatures.

Imagine having two different colors on one plant like the Mighty 'Mato yellow and red pear tomatoes growing happily on one plant. Yum.

What's really appealing is for those with small spaces, you can get double the yield on one plant.

Available in limited release are heirloom and hybrid grafted tomato varieties, from single-grafted 'Big Beef" to double-grafted 'Chocolate Stripes and Paul Robeson' - two of the most flavorful black varieties around!

The plants are being sold in 4" size pots and limited quantities are available online at

Let us know how they do for you and enjoy!

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