Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Home Depot to Hire 60,000 for Spring Black Friday

According to Home Channel News, it looks like Home Depot will be hiring more than 60,000 seasonal associates in time for its second annual Spring Black Friday event.

Sounds like things could be looking up for the job market!

(photo courtesy of blackfriday.com)

Like the traditional Black Friday that occurs the day after Thanksgiving to unofficially start the holiday shopping season, The Home Depot's Spring Black Friday marks the start of home improvement's busiest shopping season -- the spring.

"As we have stated in the past, spring is our Christmas and traffic is at its highest during this season," said Craig Menear, executive vice president for Merchandising. "Hiring seasonal associates and offering door busting deals will ensure our customers have all of the service, know-how and value they need as they look to take on outdoor projects to improve the appearance of their home."

Click here to read the full article on Home Channel News.




Unknown said...

Good news for the garden industry!

Katie said...

Suzi--forgive me if this is an obvious answer--but what is the date for said Spring Black Friday?


Katie said...

whoops--meant to address that question to Stacey.

Garden Media Group said...

Spring Black Friday will be implemented on a market-by-market basis based on climate by geography. During four different weekends in spring, prices on hundreds of spring products will be reduced, including a variety of live goods and lawn care, outdoor power, eco-friendly gardening products, and patio and grills.