Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We love our pets! But not the spots....

Here at the office we love having our pets around. Jack, (Suzi's vivacious and bounding Standard Poodle) is our frequent flyer- literally. He knows when I'm warming up with my lumpy oatmeal and well, how can I resist those big, woeful eyes? Guaranteed to lick the bowl clean.

Karen's two dogs, Nigel (a gorgeous, but often timid- to- climb- stairs Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) and Godiva, (a sweetheart with a sweet-tooth Chocolate Lab) are a well-behaved and always welcome two-some!

We've had Peggy's cutie pawtutie, Katie, a pretty Jack Russell Terrier, a few times as our "model" (though she didn't appreciate the honor.)

And Tracey's dog, Nala, is our "pro" who has posed for numerous images romping in her backyard.

But as you can guess, with all our romping, leaping, exploring dogs, who must use the outdoor "facility" (our yard) we've been dealing with those yellow, burned-looking urine patches that inevitably appear on the grass.

Well, we're thrilled that we found a new organic product, SpotGone! from Natra Turf, that helps turn those ugly patches back into lush green grass again. The all-natural and easy-to-sprinkle pellets take out excess salt and nitrogen from the soil, allowing grass to grow back and stay green and healthy.

It's free from chemicals so it's safe to use around kids and pets- (we love that). And it has no foreign grass seed so your lawn will grow back uniformly and not "patchy."

And this cool product also helps with grass damage from de-icers (yay!) which we will use once the white stuff decides to stay up in the clouds and fall somewhere else. Like Canada.


Johnson Hack said...

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