Thursday, March 18, 2010

Focus People! Focus!

Some gardens are pretty, and some gardens are stunning.

The difference is that stunning gardens not only have fantastic plantings, but a focal point that draws your eye. A common mistake gardeners make when buying a piece of garden statuary is one of size and quantity, according to Peter C. Cilio, creative director of fine garden accessories for Campania International. “Purchasers tend to choose pieces that are just too small for their space or they overload their garden with too many pieces,” he says. “In garden statuary the guiding principle usually is that less is more.”

Just like a picture on your wall, garden statuary looks best with some kind of frame. A background of traditional clipped box, yew or a mixed border of grasses frames your statuary in the landscape. A stone wall or trellis covered with roses or even a simple wooden fence is all you need. The picture above is a garden designed by Susan Cohan, and I think it frames the statue perfectly.

I love the acorn fountain pictured here. You do not need a large space to have a big impact! This one is from :) Kathleen


Susan aka Miss R. said...

Thanks so much for including a picture of one of the gardens I've designed! It was treat to follow the link and see it.

Westover Landscape Design said...

Beautiful work Susan! You are an inspiration!

Robert Welsch
Westover Landscape Design