Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Clive's Alive!

Confession time on this St. Patrick's Day.

I almost killed Clive. Poor Clive, our handsome clivia, loved its cozy southeast facing window in our old office. It was a big strong plant that blessed us with a dozen bright orange blooms for about a month early every spring. He was a gift from Sharon at the bank below us in Chadds Ford.

Well, when we moved to Kennett Square, I stuck Clive - and many of our many indoor plants - out on our sun porch. Seemed logical to me.

Then - crash. The temperature dropped, and Clive almost froze to death. His leaves burned and dried up in spots, and he started getting soggy.

But we brought him in and gave him the perfect spot and now he is rewarding us with beautiful orange flowers again - and maybe two babies.

Clive only proves, never, never, never give up. And that's a theme of my workshop tomorrow in New Jersey: Growing Your Business and Your Bank Account. Click here to learn more.

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Anonymous said...

I love that sun porch!!